MultiValue Databases

The Best Kept Secret In Database Technology


We offer Consulting, Integration, Migration, Upgrades and Programming for many if not all of the Multivalue systems both past and present for Windows, Linux,AIX and proprietary imbedded databases. We have experience with many of the Multivalue based applications including InfoLease, CUBS, Epicor, MDS, Peartree Dealership, ADP Dealer Services, Storis, AutoPower and others. Our development projects include custom applications for Wholesale Distribution, CRM, Importation, Dairy, Laboratory Management System, Manufacturing, Production Time Sheets, MSP Ticketing and Resolution,ACO Reporting,Medical Records Medicaid/Medicare billing and EDI Integration.

Although we are experts with MultiValue systems we are not blinded to the fact that there are many solutions on a multitude of platforms that can complement your system. Our integration services are second to none and our rates are highly competitive. We are certified resellers for the major Multivalue databases and many of the start of the art applications available today and have integrated, at some level, most of them with MultiValue systems. We can help with any of your migration projects. Our staff will work side by side with your team or take ownership of the entire project.

Are you looking to migrate from your proprietary or imbedded MultiValue platform?

Moving to todays open MultiValue databases allows you to utilize state of the art tools to access you data. Integrate with off the shelf applications that will enhance your MultiValue application for a fraction of the cost for a custom Multivalue add on.

Do you have questions about migrating from MultiValue to another database?

So you have made the decision to migrate to a new application with a database that is considered "The Industry Standard". Our people have many years of experience in todays standards and with our in-depth knowledge of MultiValue file structures you can rest assured that choosing RSA for your migration is the right choice.

Are you using other applications and only referencing your MultiValue data?

Your custom MultiValue application plays a significant role in one of your departments or processes but other departments require applications that are not interfaced with your system. Your people are duplicating entries in both systems. They like the ease of the Multivalue system but require a more robust reporting tool like Crystal Reports or a Web interface for your clients. Communicating with both systems, automatically, is easily attainable with the integration tools available today.

Are your users clamoring for windows screens? Don't throw out the baby with the bath water!

Moving from your highly customized Multivalue application because of a green screen interface is no longer an issue. Today's Multivalue Applications use a variety of presentation tools to access your MultiVaule Data. The look and feel of your MultiValue system will impress the most hardened Windows user. Features such as integration with Dashboards, Interactive Web Sites, email clients, and document types are available.

Cloud Based MultiValue Systems.

Moving to the Cloud is now available for your MultiValue application. Back in the day we called it "Time Sharing" but today it's in the Cloud. We have relationships with companies that can store your MultiValue system in the Cloud.